Sales, Shipping, and Return Policy

To make purchases with purchase orders, please e-mail

Digitally licensed copies: To order digitally licensed copies of select works, you must register for an account during checkout.  After placing an order for digitally licensed copies, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to a download site where you will be able to download your file(s) in .pdf format in fulfillment of your order.  You may also find a link to your download(s) by clicking on Account (upper right-hand corner of screen) > Downloads.  Files associated with orders of digitally licensed copies may only be downloaded ONCE.  All digitally licensed .pdf files have the terms of the license stamped onto the first and last pages of music. Licenses may not be fully or partially altered, removed, covered, or obscured in any way.

The terms of digital licenses read as follows:

LICENSE: Areté Music Imprints hereby grants to [name / ensemble] (Licensees) a restricted license valid for one year beginning [date of delivery] to make [x] legal copies of [title purchased] for their own use.   Digital file from which copies are made may not be altered in any way.  Digital file and any copies made from it may not be sold, resold, rented, loaned out, or distributed to persons, businesses, or entities not named above.  This License must appear on first and last pages of music of each copy printed or distributed from digital file.  Licensees’ opening of digital file signifies Licensees’ agreement with terms of this License.   All other rights reserved to Areté Music Imprints.

Hard copies: Orders for hard copies will usually be processed within 5 days.  Shipping times will vary.

Pennsylvania sales tax (6%) will be assessed on items ordered in hard copy and shipped to Pennsylvania shipping addresses.

All sales (digitally licensed copies and hard copies) are final, except in cases of error on the part of Areté Music Imprints in fulfilling an order.  Areté Music Imprints is not responsible for delays in shipping of hard copies caused by USPS service interruptions of any sort.